Point-to-Point Communications Ltd. and its associated companies are able to offer a large variety of manufacturing and services covering:

Communications Displays
Equipment location and
Tracking systems
Switch gear
Gas turbines Transformers
Diesel engines Control panels

In conjunction with its associated companies the monitoring of Diesel engine or Turbine operating parameters for example oil and water pressure and temperatures, exhaust temperatures, generator voltages and Kw, or Transformer load outputs can be recorded and transmitted to any local or central monitoring centre.

Point-to-Point Communications Ltd. can accommodate you with most operating parameter outputs you may require to make your operations easy and reduce labour operating costs

Our communication and tracking systems are able to tell you where personal and equipment is where it's been and how long it was at a location.

We can monitor all equipment from Cars, Bulldozers, Lorries, Oil Tankers, Ships and Military equipment. To meet today's market needs and assist with design requirements We have achieved this by maintaining a professionally mature staff of experienced personnel, drawn from a wide spectrum of the various disciplines utilised in the Oil, Gas and Power generation and electrical industries.

This Point-to-Point Communications website is a brief introduction to our capabilities, we would be very happy to discuss your specific requirements in details and manufacture equipment to your needs.