Vehicle Tracking and Location

Know where your vehicles are Know where they have been
Know the route they took to get there Know if they are being stolen
Know the time at each location Know where they are going

This information can save you money and time giving you the information how you need it and when you need it.

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VEHICLE POSITION Whenever you need to know the position of your vehicle it can be accurately displayed on street-level maps at the click of a mouse on your own desktop PC or laptop. Positions are determined by satellite GPS (global positioning system).

WHERE HAS IT BEEN? A history of past positions is retained and displayed on request. Positions can be shown by address or grid reference, date and time stamped. A “snail trail” map over- lay shows the routes taken by the vehicle and the time spent at each location.

SECURITY The GPS satellite system allows the vehicle to be “locked” in position. Unauthorised movement causes an alarm to be sent either to a mobile phone using text messaging and/or to a 24 hr monitoring centre. Vehicle movement can be tracked to assist recovery following a reported alarm.

MONITORING For purposes such as fleet management you can keep control of vehicle movements on your own computer or laptop. Route planning and pre-determined site identification display functions are included.